what parts of tumblr am i apart of?


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May I see your discharge panties?

Days In The East


Days In The East - Drake

lawwwwdd jesus have mercy for i have SINNED, how could I have been sleeping on yasgawd's booty for so long! #stopsleepingonyasgawd2k14


people are so dumb let’s talk about butts instead, are there people who don’t like cute round little butts

ok why is wanting attention considered bad? like that’s why i exist honestly

and that’s why people do shit. like 70% of shit. for attention. because you’re human.

so when you tell me i do something for attention you’re god damn right and thanks for giving it to me

youre so fucking pretty jfc youre literally beautiful

thank u so much anon like, remember when those ugly sloppy bitches put me on an ugly list? this is 4 them truly


*proceeds to add mutuals 6 selfies into drafts*

so many drafts so many unique and gorgeous people and so many of y’all don’t know how many 6 is

6 never dropped selfies fa y’all fake asses

i ain’t taggin not nere none!!